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"I always have a blast in class! You make training fun and positive! Since participating in your weekly obedience class my German Shepherd passed his Therapy Dog test with flying colors. I always look forward to Wednesday nights!"

- Sara & Kenobi

"It's been a real rollercoaster ride with Hades, and when the times got tough, your private lessons as well as your classes turned him completely around. Now I'm considering him for Therapy work and I have no one to thank but you. "

- Eric & Hades

"I've brought Griff to class twice so far. We've learned a lot and have had fun while doing it. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in training their dog."

- Josh & Griff

I have taken my dogs through Cindy's class for 16 weeks each. Not only was it fun, it was very informative. I have made a friend with Cindy and most importantly, my dogs love her and her class! I often call Cindy before I call my vet because of her vast knowledge on all breeds. Thanks so much Cindy, you mean the world to us!!!!

- Emily Held and Chris Korn

Zoey and I have been through a lot of classes with Cindy and we learn new things each time. Zoey loves the classes and loves the socialization with other dogs. She also loves Cindy. We have also been through private lessons and learned a lot of good strategies to help with training. Cindy is a great instructor, I would recommend anyone who wants to have a well trained dog for either home or show to consider classes through K-9 Elementary.

- Sue and Zoey

Dear Cindy,

This is long overdue and from the heart with our deepest thanks:

My wife and I have been dog owners for 17years. We have always loved our dogs as if they were part of the family, our children. I have been a loyal “Daddy” to them through thick and thin, and would protect them with anything I ever could, my wife feels the same as well.

My one downfall is giving them everything, meaning letting them be whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. My thoughts were that dogs are the way they are. Boy was I wrong!

My wife Tracey has always told me to get a handle on the dogs four our sake and theirs, but I was a reluctant pet owner. I had taken the dogs to obedience classes over the years and felt that they had made slight progress when they were there but felt like I had no tools once I left class. The few things we learned were not really applicable outside of the classes.

My wife called Cindy at K-9 Elementary last spring to train my small but quite powerful Yellow Lab.

“One on one training?” I thought, “what will that do.”

Zoey, my wonderful but willful Lab took to it like fish to water. She transformed. Her walking skills became so good, so calm, so obedient, that I was truly amazed.

Then my wife said, “Zelda is next.”

Zelda is my wonderful, sweet, Malamute, except when it comes to listening, would pull my arm right out of it’s socket while we walked, pull towards anything and everything she could ever dream of wanting to be near. Behavior that I thought was just her being a dog. Behavior that told her she was in control, and I fell behind, and so did my Lab who learned by example.

One hour with Cindy is all it took! 75% of her unruly behavior was gone. She walked slowly with slack in the leash, listened to me, did not pull where she wanted to go, and became a dog I could be proud of. And let me take the lead for her safety and ours.

I had the tools, I could use the knowledge Cindy taught me to keep my Zelda going down the right path. What I thought could never happen, happened quickly (the wonderful changes). And what I truly love is that my dogs are better behaved, but have lost none of their spirit. A dog has it’s own true beauty in being what it is, and although some training turns dogs into furniture, Cindy knows how to get them behaving well without the loss of who they are, a true small miracle.

Our dogs are incredibly important to us, and now we have the ability to walk them safely anywhere we go. We travel with them, take them visiting, and they come to work with me everyday with out worries.

We feel truly thankful for Cindy and K-9 Elementary!

Dion and Tracey Starck