Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dogs provide comfort and joy to people who live or must
stay in a care facility. Regardless of how residences look or feel,
the dogs are happy to see them.

Therapy Dogs often achieve things that the use of drugs cannot. It
has been proven that through petting and talking to animals,
patient's blood pressure is lowered, shyness is relieved, and
depression is eased. Not to mention the smiles the dogs receive.

All dogs that are social,healthy,consistant with basic skills and are
at least 1 year of age are eligible to be tested for TDI (Therapy Dogs
International) certification. Participation in any type of training class
is not a requirement.

TDI (Therapy Dogs International) certified evaluator #855

Feel free to contact me with questions or testing dates.

Canine Good Citizen

The American Kennel Club offers certification for those dogs that
have received training and are well behaved members in their
home and community.

I am also a certified evaluator for the American Kennel Club's Canine
Good Citizen program, and if you have any questions please contact me.