It was one of those moments when you just know you have to have something. That's what happened when I saw Albert. I make it a habit to check the local humane society web page on a regular basis. I usually end up working with a good number of the dogs adopted when their families call for help with training.

Now I have never been one to encourage anyone to make a decision to add a pet to there home without a tremendous amout of thought and discussion ahead of time.

Over the years I have seen a few dogs on the shelter web site that really pulled at my heart strings but I knew that it wasn't the right time to add another dog to the family. However when I saw Albert on the web site I had been looking into rescue sites of a few different breeds. Something about him made me realize he was the one.

He of'course had a lot that was going to be expected from him. I needed a dog that could be reliably trained, certified as a Therapy dog and be a demo dog in training class every week. The absolute most important thing he needed was a great attitude and to love everyone. I figured if he had a few undesirable behaviors we would just work through them.

We figured that Albert was about a year and we brought him home on Oct.21 so this is now his birthday.